Pomoc dla Patryka Leszczyńskiego
1% dla Patryka Leszczyńskiego

Appeal for help

My treatment is very expensive and the medication isn't cheap because they aren't funded. Everyday care and monthly visits to specialist clinics show us that not only is this disease dangerous, but very expensive at the same time.

We very much want for me to lead a normal life and that I can see the day when a cure for this illness is available. With your help, perhaps that day will come and this is why we kindly ask for the generosity of people which wish to help me and my family with the financial struggle connected with the treatment of this illness. Every penny counts.

Any money given to my cause will be used entirely for my treatment and medication. Thank you

IBAN: PL36106000760000320001329248

ul. Kalwaryjska 69
30-504 Kraków

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